May 21st 8pm - 1am
Limehouse Town Hall
646 Commercial Road
E14 7HA

ROBERTO CRIPPA  http://robertocrippa.com

"                   "[sic] TIM GOLDIE [DJ SET] 


An evening of experimental Art and Performance exploring Brutalist concepts expressed through either the form or content of language.

{ Works carecterised by raw, exposed, harsh, utopian/dystopian, the expression of structural materials, concrete poetry and unconcealed emotion.}

Saturday, October 30th
8pm – 1am
LimeHouse Town Hall
646 Commercial Road
E14 7HA

Fe=turing Art and Performance by

Live Performance by " "[sic] Tim 'Noumenalanimal' Goldie


Projections and reading of a 
brutalized text by Laura Oldfield-Ford 

Experiments with improvised live coding from Matthew Yee-King 

Brutal Spoken word performance by Robin Bale 

Interactive stolen.data\confessions from John Wild


Eleanor Brown


Live performance by the riotous Alexis Milne


Charity Art raffle

The Charity Art Raffle held on the 6th of March was a fun night and drew a good crowd of artists, friends, collectors and supporters of the charity. We had over 90 artists donate work, including two Turner prize winners and sold 97 tickets so the chances of winning were pretty high. The funds went to Stepping Stones Nigeria, an small grassroots charity that works towards the helping children stigmatised and abandoned as child witches. That charity was chosen after trying to find a sound, secular charity with a good reputation for keeping their overheads low and involvement with local community groups in Nigeria.

We had artists of all ages and stages donate and there were some really nice moments such as Boxing-Club member Jacob winning our friend Luke Dowds work and Renee Soo's work being won by young artist Dan Coopey who had been coveting it for weeks. Also one lucky guy behind the bar won both the David Noonan and the Pablo Bronstien. Retirement on the horizon perhaps?

We had a compare/ host who was Blackpool in style (so I was told! Is that a good thing?) giving it some and a busy bar and DJ's. Big thanks to all who helped out...including Sam for all his hard work and help cleaning, El and Jacob for donating work and Dhiraj helping, purchasing tickets and adding to the party atmosphere!

We have raised and donated £1911.51 which the charity are very happy with and raised awareness of this issue.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!!

This Saturday sees the much awaited return of the Wheelers' Bicycle
Maintenance Workshop running from 11am until 3pm at Limehouse Town
Hall, 646 Commercial Road.

We're fully stocked up with tools, tips and advice to help you keep
your bicycle running smoothly. Been wondering how to adjust brakes &
gears, fix punctures, get rid of those annoying squeaks and rattles?
Come along and ask and we'll show you how.

It's always a social occasion with tea and cake on offer so feel free
to drop by to say hello whether you've got any maintenance to be
carrying out or not.

Further details: http://www.wheelers.org.uk/workshop/

Tower Hamlets Volunteer Cycling Rangers Project
There will also be another drop-in session about the Volunteer
Cycling Rangers Project from 1pm-3pm during the workshop. More
details about that to follow shortly.

dorkbotlondon Dorkbot #63

/people doing strange things with electricity/

Featuring the grand and disturbing...

  • The People Present: Planetary Pledge Pyramid // The End of the World Game <http://pledgepyramid.org/>* Saul Albert
  • The British EFF - Protecting Your Bits <http://www.openrightsgroup.com/>* Glyn Wintle - A discussion of the up coming three strikes legislation, government plans to monitor the uk internet and knitting.
  • electric vehicles and open design <http://www.riversimple.com/> * Hugo Spowers - A small UK-based car company, Riversimple, is applying an open collaborative approach, which has had massive success in the software world, to develop the electric vehicles of the future.
  • Traces <http://johnwild.info/>* John Wild - GSM data turned into solid matter.

When: 19:00-22:00, 18 November 2009

Where: Limehouse town hall, 646 Commercial Road, E14 7HA

[map ]

More info - http://dorkbotlondon.org/event/dorkbotlondon63/

Lovely pictures from the Reverend Billy Concert

Photographer Ken Sparkes has put some lovely images up on his flickr account of the Reverend Billy and Space Hijackers action and concert at Limehouse Town Hall.

Space Hijackers Exhibition "Signs Of Revolt"

Signs Of Revolt
Creative Resistance & Social Movements since Seattle

From 14th - 22nd November the Space Hijackers will be taking part in the Signs Of Revolt exhibition in London's trendy East End. Come see our exhibit of the last 10 years of our work and how it fits into the wider picture of anti-capitalist, anti-corporate and anti-war protest. Along with The Labofii, Movement of the Imagination, The Rebel Clown Army, War Boutique and many others we'll be putting on a show journeying from Seattle to Copenhagen.

Also on Thu 19th November we are moving our monthly meeting to the exhibition space to show people how we plan and hopefully meet some new faces. If you've been lurking on this site for a while then now's the time to come out of the woodwork.

Shop 14, Truman Brewery, London E1 6QL
then open weekdays: 12–10pm weekends: 10–10pm